Simple Digital Forensics for Rural Law Enforcement

Get Your Evidence in Hours

  • AFFORDABLE: Designed for rural agency budgets from 1 to 50 sworn
  • POWERFUL: Cell Phones, Laptops, More...
  • TRUSTED: Built by Cops for Cops  

The Trusted Solution Since 2015


Evidence in Hours

Our Partner Agencies average exam is under 2 hours for a cell phone and 4 hours for a computer!!!

In-House Forensics

Examine Computers, Cell Phones, Tablets, Tablets, SD Cards and more in your own In-House Lab 

Incredible Support

We provde assistance online or at our lab so you always know what to do.

On-Scene & OnLine

Find evidence hiding on a device, app, social media site, cell tower, IoT and more...

Small Budget Friendly

How affordable? Our smallest client is a 1 person department... IT'S THAT AFFORDABLE

Our Partners Do Great Work

No-Experience to Felony Arrest

Small Agencies Doing Big Things

Never Wait for the Lab

ASAP Funds Agencies

Stolen TV turns into Drug Ring

Cyber Cop Boot Camp

Prosecutor: Chris Cohron

How Predators Use SnapChat

See if this right for your agency. FREE Phone Consultation No Committment Guarentee

Stop Waiting on the Big Lab and Start Getting Your EVIDENCE IN HOURS